Communities in Creative Livinghood

1) The Doi Tung model promotes livelihood of hilltribe people through human-nature symbiosis and applications of ethnic wisdom to modernize product designs. The movement started in Mae Fah Luang and Mae Sai Districts in the north of Chiang Rai but since spreaded to Mae Suai District in the west and Chiang Khong in the east where ethnic groups are populated.

2) Mae Fah Luang Park has created ‘Neo-Lanna’ arts combining east Lanna and upper-Mekong architecture resulting in a unique style. The signatures of these artists can be found in government houses, public spaces, and other built environments in Chiang Rai. In 2012, Artist Community (Art Bridge Chiang Rai – ABCR) was registered as a guild-likefoundation 400 artists and creators.

3) Tour operators, hosteliers, traders, university students, scholars, researchers, and healthcare professionals in the city of Chiang Rai and the 4 border districts benefits greatly from the investment in the third wave. Many of whom are now calling Chiang Rai their second home.