Chiang Rai Creative City Committee Meeting (2/2021)
 16 August 2021
Co-creative ROADMAP
 by Chiang Rai’s stakeholder
9 August and 20 August 2021
Universal Design Project in Chiang Rai Old Town Area by MFU & CRRU
 21 July 2021
Chiang Rai has been nominated by Thailand to compete as UCCN in 2021
25 June 2021
Chiang Rai PAO applied for UCCN 2021
Chief Executive of the Chiang Rai Provincial Administrative Organization, Chiang Rai Provincial Culture Office and Mae Fah Luang University applied for UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) Application 2021 in creativity field of DESIGN. 
29 April 2021
Chiang Rai Creative City Committee
(2nd meeting) supported Chiang Rai to be in UCCN of DESIGN field.
18 January 2021
Building the Awareness of Chiang Rai
to be in UCCN. 
27 October 2020
Chiang Rai Creative City Committee (1st Meeting) 
15 October 2020
Stakeholders Workshop of Chiang Rai
to be in UCCN.
24 – 26 August 2020
Expert Meeting of Chiang Rai
to UNESCO Creative Cities Network UCCN
 24 July 2020